Single interface for all functions

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A turn key system based on underlying magic for a changing market

BOSCO IP offers:

  • Business coaching,
  • Business processes,
  • Training & Mentoring,
  • Brand & promises (quality certification),
  • Supporting back office operations,
  • Trusted network of associates

and Tailor made adjustments for ensuring you meet your goals. Our proven business processes, ready to run and integrated software modules, ready to go, make a lower staff : professional ratio on and increase profitability in the first half. Our paperless highly secure solution minimizes the risks.

BOSCO IP is a response to changings of the IP market. IP market is becoming more competitive. Applicants and investors decide protections according to the futur return of investment.Moreover, turnover of employees and environmental awareness are growing.

Bosco Interface

“Information Technology for Intellectual Property”

Single interface for all functions

  • Email services
  • Websites
  • File management
  • Bosco database
  • Accounting

Business management

  • Strategic planning tools
    • Monthly P&L analysis
    • Financial ratios
    • Revenue forecasting tools
  • Daily financial tracking
    • Daily cash report
    • Weekly cash forecasting
    • Billing tracking

Client Relationship Management

  • All client data at one glance
    • Client, contact, addresses,
    • Past and planned communications
    • IP files (Families, deadlines, documents..)
    • Accounting statements and invoices
  • Grading clients and business sectors
  • Generating new leads
  • Documented sale cycle

Interface for Agents/Attorneys

  • Accessible everywhere & paperless
  • Intuitive interface, lean training
  • Portfolio with family tree
  • Deadlines by clients
  • Client grading with accounting/billing info
  • Document preview and updating
  • Connection to various patent & trademark offices websites

Secured Access for applicant/client

  • Intuitive access through BoscoIP Interface
    • Deadlines
    • Documents
  • Portfolio  & Strategic tools
  • Trademark Watches
    • Cost forecasting


  • Web 2.0
  • C# ASP.NET
  • Internet Information Service (IIS)
  • Windows Server
  • Database SQL Server


  • Fixed annual revenue rate
  • Including :
    • Support
    • Improvements
    • Rating
  • Options:
    • Mentoring, Training
    • Connection to Accounting system
    • Patrix licence & support
    • Update of Patricia settings & templates
    • Hosted IT services
Marc Benoît

Marc Benoît

Partner, CEO, Methodology

email : cell: +1 514 703 3872 Marc is also a partner and founder of the Intellectual Property Office Benoît & Côté in Montreal. He is a registered patent agent for Canada and the United States. Beyond telecommunications and aerospace technologies, Marc is passionate about efficient organizational business methods. He has set up offices processes that operate without paper and with short circuits that ensure optimum durability. His experiences, including that of officer in the Canadian Armed Forces have trained him tp make quick decisions always favoring safety and efficiency. Marc is an entrepreneur who drives his businesses, both with a human approach and with relevant operational and financial indicators.

France Côté

France Côté

Partner, Business Development, Mentoring

email: cell: +1 514 823 8902 France is also a partner and founder of the Intellectual Property Office Benoît & Côté in Montreal. She is registered Patent Agent for Canada and the United States since 1992. France has created several businesses, among which the Montreal office of Bereskin & Parr. Beyond chemical and bio-technologies, France is passionate about the exploitation of patent portfolios , strategic planning of businesses and the simplification of business methods. France supports many business managers in various fields in both large multinational structures and in start-up companies. She helps them make decisions and achieve objectives.
Hervé Simonnot

Hervé Simonnot

Partner, Operations, Information Technology

email: cell: +33 6 21 42 50 72 Hervé is a mechanical engineer (“arts & métiers”) whose experiences as a specialist or manager have led him to always integrate technologies of information in the operations he had charge (Research & Development, Manufacturing, Sales, Teaching ). Hervé was responsible of operations at Benoît & Côté and then developed information technology services for IP offices in North America and Europe. Beyond intellectual property and security issues, Hervé is passionate about what answers new technologies can bring to firms founders and manager. Hervé is in charge of computer engineering and quality control of Bosco IP.
Rostane Gribi

Rostane Gribi

IT development

email : cell: +1 514 712 0109 Rostane has 15 years of computer science experience and specializes in multimedia using the web, photography, video and social networks. He acquired experience in project management and internet communication, always on the lookout of the latest technologies available on the market, it has carried out several projects in the field of web, video and events. Rostane is in charge of development and SEO for Bosco Interface project.
Louise Mitchell

Louise Mitchell

Accounting Support

email: cell: +1 514 Louise is an accountant, a member of the Order of Quebec CPA. She has more than 10 years as a specialist in accounting for SMEs and start-up phase. She helps customers meet their financial presentation requirements internally and to meet the multiple requirements of different levels of government and banks. For several years, Louise has acquired an impressive experience in different accounting software and business management (integrated) which allows her to help you feed the different accounting databases as your presentation needs. Louise is in charge of connections Bosco Interface with different accounting systems and support for firm founders in the management of their business.
Thérèse Martin

Thérèse Martin


email: cell: +1 514 Thérèse has over thirty years experience in the legal field. She first worked as a legal assistant and later as a law clerk and then as head of paralegal services in renowned law firms. Thérèse has acquired, over years, an experience in commercial law, contentious law and intellectual property law. She provides support for Bosco user interface both in terms of intellectual property procedures and in terms of the use of IT tools. she also carries the settings management systems.


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